An introduction to Ekolu

It all began back in 1994 where 3 young and talented men of Maui, began their musical journey.

Lukela Keala, Akoni Dellomes & Makapu Hoopii attended Baldwin High School and was enrolled in the music class. Day after day they would have little jam session’s but always tried to perfect what they played. As the year went by, their talents allowed them to perform in front of an audience for the first time at Brown Bags to Stardom. Although they took 2nd place to ballerina dancers (Ha Ha Ha!). It didn’t stop them. Former Baldwin High school teacher, Kevin Brown plays a great role in their music history today. He was the ukulele and slack key guitarist teacher but also Lukela’s uncle. He taught them the values of becoming a musician but most important, to be humble. Since then Lukela, Akoni and Makapu strived on to become the entertainers they are today.

Down in the Valley” became their first hit back in 1999. This album made them well-known not only in Hawaii, but also in the Mainland and as far as east coast. Three years later, Ekolu came out with their second debut album called, “Shores of Waiehu.” This album gave Hawaii a little twist of its own unique style. Hits such as “Just one Night” and “Shores of Waiehu” took up a lot of air time on the local radio stations in Hawaii.

Ekolu has traveled to many parts of the United States. They’ve been to Alaska, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado, Japan and played in front of crowds up to 15,000 plus people. They enjoy every moment of sharing their music with people all over the world. Every trip they take truly becomes a memorable moment. Ekolu has a lot of achievements in their musical journey in Hawaii. Their main goal is to share their music with the rest of the world.

On their free time, the Band loves to spend the day at the beach and reminisce on all the wonderful gigs they did. Individually, Akoni enjoys surfing, Makapu loves to free dive and Lukela enjoys writing music, and spending time with his family. These talented men are the best of friends, but most of all brothers.

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Ekolu – the trinity of Maui music

Lukela Keala was born on September 9, 1978 on the island of Maui. He was raised in Wailuku with his Father, Samuel Keala and Mother, Dawn Napua Keala along with his 3 sisters, Erinell, Kelly Ann, and Fini. Lukela was always raised around music. He remembers going to his grandma’s house every weekend to watch his auntie’s and uncle’s sing and play music. He would often ask questions about playing the ukulele, but never got into it until later year’s. Lukela’s sincere interest of music came about at the age of 14. He was in the 8th grade, attending Iao Intermediate School, where he was placed in a music class. Not really knowing how to sing or play the ukulele, he often hung around the crowd that could. One thing led to another and that’s when the life of music began. Lukela was always very shy to sing around people, but you could often catch him cutting class singing in the hallways and stairways. He also learned how to play slack key guitar from his uncle, Kevin Brown who was the Slack Key/ Ukulele teacher at Baldwin. In Lukela’s free time he enjoys writing music and spending quality time with his family. Although his mom is a missing part of his life, he never forgets how much of an inspiration she was to him. Lukela’s favorite group is a reggae band called ASWAD. There style of music grew on Lukela from a young age. Another interest he has is those “Oldies but Goodies.” Lukela never forgets how great God has been to him. On every CD that he has completed you will find a church song on it. This is his way of expressing how thankful he is of the blessings that only GOD can give. Through all the success that has come his way, he takes no credit for the talent God has blessed him with, but in return gives God all the glory.

Shane “Akoni” Dellomes was born on November 22, 1977 in Harbor city, LA. However, he was raised on the island of Maui. He attended Lihikai Elementary from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Shane came from a musical background family that played numerous instruments. Shane’s father played keyboards and the flute in a live band in LA, California. His father also was a well-known vocalist too. Shane used to sleep under his fathers keyboards while playing at night clubs. His first instrument he learned was the ukulele back in 8th grade. His sister taught him about the scales on the ukulele. When he reached his high school years, he then took interest in playing the guitar. His mother always listened to her 70’s style of music and that’s where Akoni took great interest in music. His first song that he learned was by Metallica, “Nothing Else Matters.” In his mid-high school years, he learned how to play slack key guitar from Uncle Kevin Brown. Akoni now plays as a full time musician at the Old Lahaina Luau playing the upright bass. He works Monday-Friday and on the weekends he plays with the group Ekolu. His job works out perfectly for his schedule because he is one guy who loves not only music, but enjoys SURFING. On Akoni’s free time, he enjoys surfing with all his friends. He also enjoys writing and arranging the style of music that they love to do. Akoni would like to give all praises to God for his blessing that he bestowed upon him. He humbly thanks God for giving him the opportunity to share his music with these talented musicians of Ekolu.

Makapu Ho’opii was born on August 13th 1977 in Honolulu, Oahu. He was raised in Papakolea with his parents Martha and Bobby, along with his four brothers Daryl, Smokey, Darren and Hana. It was at a very young age that Makapu seemed to take interest in music. Makapu’s dad would always play his ukulele around the house, so as Makapu got older he learned more about the ukulele. Encouraged by his father a few years later, he soon moved on to playing bass. It was then that Makapu realized his love for music. At the age of 12, Makapu and his family moved to the island of Maui and he attended Iao Intermediate. Other then music, Makapu is a very hard worker and works full time as a fabricator for Truss Systems Hawaii. He has been with this company for over 7 years and works Monday thru Friday. On the weekends he enjoys playing music with Ekolu and diving. When the band goes out camping, everyone looks forward to what Makapu’s gonna catch for lunch. Makapu is known to be the clown in the group, but when he’s on stage he’s nothing but serious and you can always expect him to be hyped.

Car insurance – a minor or major priority?

It is most likely a big question as to the necessity of car and van insurance in our priorities in life. Insurance is a big help to one who had been in the agony in spending buckets of their earnings upon meeting up some casualties. If we would compare between the past and the present, we could say that there is a big difference from the way we live before. Technology has contributed a lot with this. Though it had brought our daily routines easier, more practical and more comfortable, sometimes it causes some destruction. There are some instances that we encounter property loss, crisis and even death. In these cases, insurance may not help to avoid such accidents but, somehow, it lessens the burden as to where can we get the fund for the damage it had done.

If I can afford to buy those junk stuffs in higher rates, why can’t I have car insurance for myself? Basically, a person would consider shopping for insurance as something bad and too luxurious. But for a wise person, he or she would consider it as an investment in preparation, incase something unexpected happens. It primarily provides financial protection against physical damage and the liability against third parties that may arise from it. The desire in protecting against eventualities is fair enough.

It has been mandatory to have car insurance before using a car on public roads or highways. We don’t want to regret injuring somebody because of the accident we’ve made. Most of us opt to get the minimum and cheapest auto insurance just because they just want to comply with the rules. Well, it may be the best way for it than having no insurance. Somehow, it will save us from the penalties provided by law for not having the proper insurance.

It’s extremely important of these days because of the increasing demand for a fast auto transport in our age. A person has the need to ensure a safe and sound travel but, accidents happen anywhere to anyone anytime. In such cases, the insurance company is liable to such monetary obligations.

The risks of driving a car without having any car insurance would be very devastating. You may end up paying huge amount for such a violation and your car might be impounded and the worst of it, your car will be in custodial sentence. So whatever your reason, it is necessary to have car insurance. It’s not all about of a matter of preference but a legal and economic necessity.

Ekolu’s Back to the Valley

Finally the long awaited album “Back to the Valley”, The 3rilogy is here. It’ll take you on a journey through the fun times Ekolu encounters living on the Valley Isle. The Title cut, “Back to the Valley” gives everyone the chance to experience the Valley Isle like you never seen it before. If you missed there first album “Down In the Valley” or there second album “Shores of Waiehu” , you’re in for a treat. The 3rd album is what you been waiting for.

It’s Like adding sugar to your tea, It’s even sweeter. While listening to their smooth voices and unique style‘s, it makes you realize that Ekolu is the next big thing. Not knowing what to expect, this album stirs up a twist. With the sweetest voice along with a little bit of reggae and a little bit of Spanish, Lukela sings a song called “Antonia”. Its rare to find him singing Hawaiian songs, yet alone here he is singing a Spanish song for all to enjoy. Needing no introduction, everyone knows the bands lead guitarist, Akoni Dellomes.

On this Album he sings a song called Critical Liquid. Written, sung and arranged by him, this song speaks of how he wakes up every morning waiting for the swell to come and when it hit’s, you know where to find him. Makapu Hoopii, the bass player of the band adds his own flavor to the table by singing a song called Mercy. He sings this song with emotion and originality. If you’ve seen him on stage, you know that he is a ball of fire. Working on this album, the boys got the chance to be their own producers and work along side an awesome engineer, Brett Fovargue. It takes time, energy and effort to complete a project like this. If this album puts a smile on your face and Joy in your heart, this show’s that Ekolu has reached their greatest achievement.

While ‘Down in the Valley’ was their introduction, ‘Shores of Waiehu’ is the break out album of Ekolu. This album gives a view of something very special. Every area of this project overflows with Ekolu’s talents. It starts with the album being co-produced by Lukela and Akoni. The album was also blessed with the engineering and keyboard talents of Na Hoku award winner David Tucciarone. The growth in the boys composing is shown by nine of the twelve songs being originals. The vocal talents of Ekolu are enhanced by the addition of Makapu Hoopi’i. The album also had contributions from artists and musicians like Fiji, Max Rabaka, Ben Vai, Jenson Richards, and Creed Fernandez.

The popularity of this album is shown by a spot of Billboards World Music charts, the #1 position of various songs on numerous radio stations, and by the sight of fans singing along to every song. “Shores of Waiehu” sets the standard for today’s Hawaiian music.

How to find office space for your business

One of the highlights of any business venture is the presence of a very accommodating office space. Any business enterprise would typically lack a favorable essence without the existence of a working room. The plan of setting up a business will also require the equal consideration of deciding for the most appropriate working area. Do you really think a company can still execute its operations without an office?

No, any company or even small corporations as well as online enterprises cannot totally succeed without the presence of an area where all business dealings would take place. One importance of having the most suitable spaces is the necessity of having a working area. Workers, employees and even executives deserve to have the right space that will provide them with a working ambience. That is typically the simplest reason why offices are needed for any business industry. Simply, where would you work? Thus, the significance of having offices is not merely contained into acquiring a working space but considering the atmosphere of such area.

A space isn’t totally enough. You also have to think of the general condition of that office. The nature of any business setup should match the accompanying office space. There are several commercial industries and so there are several office types. Then, these spaces might have been designed with the most modern styles but it doesn’t quite give any customer a welcoming feel, it is still useless. Because one more significance of having a very suited working area is for the purpose of client dealings and customer connection. Though most offices feature a formal look, a client should also feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome upon visiting your office.

You should think of various elements while you’re on the process of choosing office space. You should always consider the nature of your business. Whether you’re still setting up a company or you’re on the lookout for a new office, the business that you have in mind and the business that you already have will matter. It should typically match with your office. A corporate job will entail a corporate looking office but an informal kind of job description will just need an equally informal type of working area. Give some thought on how big your company is. You might need a large space for a big enterprise but this may not be suitable for a small corporation. Remember, your job should always coincide with your working area.

One more factor in choosing the right office space is your budget. Obviously, if you own a large company then you might be able to select a larger area and pay for a bigger amount. However, if you do not see the need for a very big space and you can still settle for a not so spacious spot then pick the second choice. It may not be spacious but it should not look like its crowded and asking for more air. The location will surely matter. Do not select a working area that’s too far and is not within the center of commercial processes. You might take the risk of choosing that kind of location but be sure that you have been into extensive advertising and you are a popular business industry. If you are not ready to deal with the challenge then pick the working areas that are easy to locate.

The working area that you have been intending to buy while it’s still for sale might not constitute the best features. Take into consideration the possible repairs that you may think of at a later time. Do not just choose a very cheap space that is located within a commercial area but consider the internal setup as well. The electrical system, plumbing and even the parking area are very crucial while you’re still on the lookout for that office. It may have been inexpensive but it will ask for triple cost due to repairs. Then think again. You’re not in the right place.

Do not forget that the success of your business enterprise will not just depend on your innovative ideas, principles, techniques and perseverance but to the quality of your office space as well. Yes, it’s a simple space but it’s the spot where the future of your business triumph lies.

Christian dating online has never been easier

If you are a Christian, you might think it is a bit tacky going onto the internet to look for that perfect partner you have not yet met. However, the stigma of using the internet as a way of finding the love of your life has long gone. In fact, millions of people worldwide are going online each day to seek or get to know suitable matches by surfing through profiles, peering at photographs, emailing, and chatting on video links.

The Christian dating sites are no exception when providing an avenue to Christian love and many of them have international sites, so you are not confined to seeking a partner in your own country. “Big Church”, for instance, is an international multi denominational dating site that has become a favourite worldwide, because it has embedded a community feeling into its features. It differs from other Christian dating sites because it has a magazine section, where members can read articles on a number of Christian relationship issues and if they wish to include their own articles, they can.

Along with this unique feature, the chat rooms are able to translate conversations into a number of different languages, so potential matches are not confronted with language barriers. If you have an interest in someone, instead of sending an “I like” a “tweet” or a “thumbs up” you can send them a kiss, a wink, a wave, a hug or a smile! As with many dating sites, there is free membership for some of the basic features and then you move into the silver and gold paid categories.

ChristianMingle is another dating site that is now active worldwide. It emphasises how safe it is to locate a possible partner or soul mate through their online features. Security and scamming issues have been in the news recently, as some people are duped into handing over cash without really thinking about who that virtual friend really is. However, ChristianMingle is emphatic that their site is safe and secure and you choose what information you share with your virtual prospective partners or friends. Of course, they emphasise on their website that the facilities are for Christian men and women only, so anyone signing up for membership knows the sort of person they are likely to meet.

There is an element of location in the site, so you can quite easily match up with someone who does not live too far away. It has at least 4 million members, so there surely must be something for everybody.

Christian Connection, a smaller non-profit British based website, is highly critical of the larger international dating sites. If anyone is looking for the “small is beautiful” context, then this could be a good choice.

Overall, Christian dating sites are out there in good numbers (see, some for nationwide users and others for an international membership. Some relate to one particular denomination, like the LDS sites, while most of them welcome all Christian denominations, without exception. For any Christian seeking love online, then the world is their oyster.

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Moroccan oil for curing acne – the rumours are true

Nothing in the world is more frustrating and heartbreaking than dealing with acne, but the rumours are true: Moroccan oil may be the closest thing to a ‘cure’ we’ll ever find.

Acne outbreaks are often caused by dirty, oily skin, and the ubiquity of acne outbreaks have led to no end of skin care products to try to prevent acne formation in the first place by attempting to keep skin as clean and fresh as humanly possible. It may seem a bit odd to use Moroccan oil for skin care, especially since acne has a reputation for being caused by too much oil, but it turns out that Moroccan oil is better at keeping your skin clean than many of these harsh, man-made chemicals on the market today; it turns out all-natural organic Moroccan oil is actually perfect for the job!


It is indeed true that allowing the natural oils that your skin produces to build up to excess can lead to acne breakouts. It’s even more common when too much skin oil combines with dirt and dead skin cells, which clog up pores and lead to the heartbreaking condition, and this is exactly why traditional skin and facial cleansers are moderately abrasive to remove all this dead skin, dirt, and excess skin oil.

The problem is that when you strip everything off your face in such a violent manner, you leave it raw and exposed to the elements. Scouring off all your face’s natural oils is actually bad, because there’s no natural barrier between your skin and the environment in this case, and this can actually leave you more exposed to dirt and might even make acne worse; however using Moroccan oil can actually help prevent this because it doesn’t strip your face bare but instead brings it back into proper balance – a much more healthy alternative.


Moroccan oil is filled with the kinds of organic compounds that are found and produced by the human body. One such substance, Vitamin E, helps to naturally protect the skin from damage from the environment, and using Moroccan oil for skin will keep Vitamin E levels high in your skin, helping to keep dirt and other foreign objects from damaging your skin.

On top of that, there are naturally occurring gentle cleansers in Moroccan oil called oleic acid and linoleic acid, and these substances are perfect for stripping excess oil and dead skin from your face without leaving it completely exposed to the elements. The end result is a healthy balance of cleansing and protection that keeps your skin healthy and can help reduce the impact of acne – and in the long run may help to prevent it completely!

Try Moroccan Argan Oil here or watch an argan oil video here.

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